TUF 12 Finale Play-by-Play: Will Campuzano vs. Nick Pace

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Will Campuzano vs. Nick Pace

Will Campuzano and Nick Pace TUF 12 finale

Campuzano catches Pace's kick

Round 1: Pace opens the fight with a flurry of body and leg kicks, and Campuzano lunges in with a nice left hook.  Flurries by both fighters, but nothing significant lands.  Pace pressures Campuzano against the cage and scores a body-lock takedown.  Looking to pass, Pace manages to get into Campuzano’s half-guard.  Campuzano is trying to post and wall walk, but without much success, and in the process eats a few punches.  Campuzano successfully posts and is able to stand up but is swiftly taken back down to the canvas by Pace.  Pace now has full-mount and is taking his time, making sure Campuzano cannot reverse him.  Campuzano bucks and is able to escape the mount and get to his feet, but Pace is relentless and he bum rushes him against the cage and earns another takedown.  During a scramble Pace takes Campuzano’s back and is trying to flatten him out.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Pace.

Nick Pace and Will Campuzano at TUF 12 FINALE

Pace launches a kick

Round 2: Campuzano comes out with some fire in his eyes and is winging combos on Pace.  A nice left/right body/hook combo lands from Campuzano as Pace is visibly looking for a time to shoot.  A leg kick by Campuzano backs Pace up.  A flurry by Campuzano lands him in a beautiful Thai clinch with Pace and he lands a knee right to the chin of Pace.  Pace pressures Campuzano against the cage once again and earns another takedown.  The gameplans are seemingly becoming obvious as the fight moves on, Campuzano wants to bang and Pace is being clear and concise with his striking, all the while looking for a chance to bring it to the floor.  Campuzano posts up and manages to briefly bring the fight back to the feet, but once again Pace takes him down with a body lock.  It seems as if Pace is content just holding Campuzano down.  A small change in momentum as the round comes to an end, and Campuzano earns a brief single leg take down. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Pace.

Nick Pace and Will Campuzano at TUF 12 FINALE

Pace finishes Campuzano with the "Pace Choke"

Round 3: Pace goes for a touch of gloves as the third round starts but Campuzano fires a straight right at his jaw! It misses, but none-the-less very interesting.  Campuzano is angry and is throwing some wild shots with very little connecting.  Pace lands a nice right hook to the head of Campuzano.  An explosive double leg by Pace takes Campuzano straight to the canvas, again.  Campuzano does a really nice job of turning into Pace and is now in Pace’s guard and is landing elbows and punches to the face of his opponent from a postured position.  Hammerfists and shots to the body continue as Campuzano is controlling the third round.  Campuzano stands up and lunges in with a huge right hook that connects to the side of Pace’s head.  He tries the same manuever again and is successful, but he then falls into a Pace triangle.  It doesn’t look to be to be locked on , but in a very interesting moment Campuzano taps.  It was a modified triangle, but no one at ringside, including Joe Rogan, knew what it was.  Pace just admitted he didn’t know what it was, and that he never had done it before.  So he and Joe Rogan have named it the “Pace choke.”

Nick Pace def. Will Campuzano by Submission (Pace Choke) at 4:33, R3

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