Ultimate Fighter 12 Episode 8 Aftermath: Kos In Commotion

In this episode “Aftermath” following Episode 8 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” coach Josh Koscheck explains how he felt he got under George St-Pierre’s skin and the mystery surrounding GSP’s assistant coach Brad Tate. He also dishes the dirt on how some of his fighters may not have been mentally prepared coming into the show, and what he would’ve done if GSP accepted his offer to French kiss him in order to leave MMA. Lastly, Stevens addresses public bitterness by fellow teammate Nam Phan and his strategy for defending Cody McKenzie’s coveted guillotine.

Following each episode of Spike TV’s most popular original series ever, “The Ultimate Fighter,” “The Ultimate Fighter: Aftermath” includes interviews from current cast members who provide fresh insight and a behind-the-scenes look from the same week’s episode.