by Simon Hughes, UK Sun
Heist suspect’s £700k lair

by Simon Hughes
Chief Investigative Reporter, UK Sun

Heist suspect Lee Murray is splashing out £700,000 on a dream mansion in the sun — complete with a life-size sculpted mural of himself.

The two-storey property, with marble floors, pillars, bronze statues and a swimming pool, is set in its own grounds in a plush suburb of Moroccan capital Rabat.

The Sun tracked down the sumptuous address in upmarket Souissi and obtained a Through The Keyhole-style look inside.

Cage fighter Murray, 28 — arrested days ago in connection with February’s £53million Securitas raid in Tonbridge, Kent — began arranging to buy the house after going to Morocco in April.

According to the former owner, businessman Moulay Youssef, the purchase cost and renovation bill will total more than £700,000.

Mr Yousef claimed: “He said he had lots of money to invest.”

Murray’s bizarre mural shows him in action on the night he won the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title in Las Vegas in January 2004.

Carved from stone, it dominates an entire wall opposite the site of a new whirlpool bath.

Security-conscious Murray has also raised the height of the property’s perimeter wall and ordered the installation of CCTV.

However, he is currently detained in top-security Salle Prison after his weekend arrest.

Britain is seeking his extradition in connection with the Securitas cash raid, the nation’s biggest.

More than £30million of the haul has still to be recovered.

Murray is facing a police probe in Morocco over allegations of cocaine possession, membership of a criminal gang and illegal possession of foreign currency. Investigations are also underway into claims by a local man that he was taken prisoner by Murray and three pals and beaten.

A 23-year-old woman has been charged with conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to kidnap in connection with the raid.

(Note added by MMAWeekly: Lee Murray did not win the UFC Middleweight Title in January 2004, as this article states, but he did win a UFC fight against Jorge Rivera in January 2004.)