UFC vs Pride Rules: Rampage Says, "A Fight Is A Fight."

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson takes on “The Axe Murderer,” Wanderlei Silva, at UFC 92 Saturday night in Las Vegas. It will be their third fight but their first under Unified Rules. Their two previous bouts took place under Pride rules with ten-minute first rounds, yellow cards, stomps, soccer kicks, knees to the head on the ground, no elbows, and took place in a square ring.

This time around, they will compete for three, five-minute rounds, inside the world famous Octagon with no knees to the head on the ground, no stomps, no soccer kicks, but they are allowed to use elbows.

Seems like a big difference, but Jackson doesn’t think so. “A fight is a fight,” says the former UFC light heavyweight titleholder.

Wanderlei is a warrior… Wanderlei fought in the UFC before he fought in Pride,” he pointed out. “I don’t think it makes a difference. A fight is a fight. I’ll fight Wanderlei in a phone booth if I had to.

“It don’t matter what the rules are or what the advantages is. A fight is a fight,” Jackson added. “I do like the Pride rules, and I do like some of the UFC rules. I wish that, if there was a perfect world for me, I wish we could mix them up and have both rules. That would be cool.”

At the end of the day, Rampage commented, “I’m just thinking about staying within the rules and having a good fight.”