UFC Vet Todd Duffee Likely To Return To Action Before Close Of 2010

November 1, 2010

Todd Duffee UFC 114

UFC veteran Todd Duffee

Todd Duffee has had a crazy, life-changing year so far, but 2010 isn’t over yet and the former UFC heavyweight prospect may fight again before the ball drops and 2011 kicks in.

A surprising exit from the UFC left Duffee shocked, but he’s not one to sit back and just let things happen, so he’s looking to return before the close of 2010 to get his career back on track.

“Todd just finished with the movie, he’s rehabbing his knee, and he should be fighting at the end of the year,” Duffee’s manager Alex Davis told MMAWeekly Radio. “Not at liberty to say where, I don’t even know yet, but he’ll be back in the mix at the end of this year, very beginning of next year.”

From the sound of things, Duffee could possibly land a spot on one of the major Japanese shows to close out 2010, but his manager couldn’t answer for sure if that was a realistic place for the heavyweight to land.

Assuming Duffee returns before 2010 is over, Davis believes they will have formulated a strategy to get him in the right place when 2011 kicks off.

“We’re going to see what makes sense for him,” he said. “Strikeforce would make sense for him, but we still don’t know how their heavyweight division is going to play out.

“We’ll see next year how things are going to shape up and where he wants to go.”

Strikeforce is currently in the middle of a mess with their heavyweight class. Champion Alistair Overeem will be fighting as a kickboxer in K-1 in December, former top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko is currently in negotiations with the promotion to extend his contract, and top contender Fabricio Werdum is recovering from elbow surgery.

Still, whether Duffee ends up with Strikeforce or another promotion, his manager believes that at some point down the road fences can be mended and he can return to fight in the Octagon.

“I think Todd at some point will be back in the UFC,” Davis said. “I think that’s what he wants.”

Davis did say negotiations are ongoing with Strikeforce, and Duffee could end up there after his year-end appearance, but nothing has been sorted out at this point. Duffee will hope to return to a win if all goes well and he gets to fight before the close of 2010.