UFC vet Houston Alexander, 51, rocking the BKFC world

For light-heavyweight Houston Alexander, his transition from MMA to bare knuckle boxing has not only been successful in the ring, but it’s been an enjoyable process for him.

Having picked up three straight wins in BKFC, Alexander acknowledges the process of fighting is never easy, but building a winning streak, with finishes in all his bare knuckle fights has him in a positive state of mind.

“They were fun,” Alexander told MMAWeekly.com about his BKFC wins. “We’re having fun right now, and to me that’s the most important thing.

“I don’t think (bare knuckle fighting is) easier. Fighting is not easy. As far this type of fighting, I’ve been associated with boxing in some type of way anyway, so as far as the organization goes it’s gotten easier knowing the rules and knowing how to conduct yourself inside the bare knuckle ring.”

While some fighters coming from MMA to bare knuckle boxing have had to make adjustments to their game, Alexander had already compiled an extensive striking background, so the transition hasn’t been as difficult for him.

“Bare knuckle is like boxing, so you’re changing it up a little bit, but not a whole lot,” said Alexander. “It’s just a lot of boxing training involved.

“Nothing has changed as far as conditioning, I think that’s stayed the same, but as far as technique and stuff for the bare knuckle thing is relatively the same as boxing. You’ve got just to be tighter with your delivery.”

Houston Alexander aiming to keep Bare Knuckle streak alive

Alexander (3-0 bare knuckle) will look to keep his winning streak going when he faces Jeremy Smith (3-1) bare knuckle) in the 200lb main event of BKFC 43 on May 19 in Omaha, Nebraska.

“We’re about the same height, so this will be first time in a while I’ve fought somebody my same height,” Alexander said of Smith. “A lot of the time I’ve fought guys who were my height or taller.

“This guy is an athletic guy. Anybody at this level is hard to beat. I’m expecting this guy to come right at me, and he can expect the same from me too.”

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When it comes to the second half of 2023, Alexander has a simple goal: keep racking up victories and see where the road takes him.

“Win – that’s easy – you’ve just got to keep winning,” said Alexander. “With winning everything else comes along with it. I’ve been around a while, and winning will put you in a better position where you need to be later down the line.”