Press Release courtesy of World Championship Fighting
UFC veteran Dan “The Upgrade” Lauzon returns to World Championship Fighting on Friday, June 20 at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Mass. At the age of 18, Lauzon is the youngest fighter to have ever fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A native of East Bridgewater Massachusetts, he is also the younger brother of UFC fighter Joe Lauzon, who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series, which airs on Spike TV.

Lauzon will be making his third appearance for World Championship Fighting and is entering the ring riding a five-fight winning streak having ended four of the fights by TKO and his last fight via triangle choke submission.

Lauzon is confident about his skills saying, “I don’t really care where the fight goes, but when I see a weakness in my opponent I go after it, I move in to finish the fight.”

His opponent on Friday night will be Brendan Hoxie, who is a replacement opponent since Lauzon’s original opponent, Sean Wilmott, had to withdraw from the match due to health issues which prevented him from properly training for the fight. Lauzon’s opponent has changed a few times, but the fight is now set thanks to Hoxie stepping up to accept the challenge.

Hoxie is no stranger to stiff competition having fought the likes of UFC veteran Tamden McCrory and local fighter Nate Lamotte. For Hoxie this is the opportunity to make his mark by defeating a UFC veteran in Dan Lauzon.

Having fought at the last World Championship Fighting event, an event which saw 3,700 fans fill the auditorium and special guest UFC president Dana White in attendance, Lauzon has been able to showcase his skills to a large audience while still fighting in front of a home town crowd living only an hour away from the venue. Lauzon was also the featured on the TapouT reality show at the last World Championship Fighting event. The TapouT episode will air in late June.

In addition to being featured on the Tapout reality show, Lauzon will also be followed by a camera crew from ESPN for a segment regarding children and Mixed Martial Arts. They will document his training and follow up through his fight.

Asked if he’s nervous about his next fight Lauzon said, “No, but I’m anxious. I can’t wait to get in the ring and show what I can do. I want my fans to see me put on a good show and my sponsors like Sucker Punch Athletics and Stars Guards know that they chose the right fighter.”

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