UFC Vet Diego Brandao Climbs Out of the Cage at FNG 73 Mid-Fight (video)

September 4, 2017

Just when you think you’ve seen everything that could happen in a fight… something new happens.

At Monday’s Fight Nights Global 73 in Russia, Diego Brandao squared off with Akhmed Aliev. Late in the second round, Aliev landed an illegal headbutt to Brandao’s chest. He retaliated with an illegal up-kick as the referee was trying to separate them following the headbutt. 

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Diego Brandao bails out at FNG 73As Brandao got to his feet, he made a move to the cage door, apparently wanting to be let out of the cage. Fans responded by raining bottles down into the cage. 

When the door remained closed, Brandao took another route out of the fight. He scaled the cage wall and hopped down to the apron and left the cage area. 

Though he returned a short time later, Brandao was ruled out of the fight due to leaving the cage and Aliev was awarded the victory by technical knockout due to retirement.

Full Fight Video: Brandao vs. Aliev

(Courtesy of FIGHT NIGHTS TV)

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