UFC to Pirates: ‘You Steal Our (Stuff), We’re Gonna Get You’

The UFC and company president Dana White have made it very clear over the past few years that they are vigorously pursuing piracy and protecting their copyrights. Several websites that illegally stream live UFC events have already felt the wrath of the MMA juggernaut’s crack legal team.

But the UFC isn’t stopping there. They’re not only going after the providers of the illegal streams, they’re also going after the end-user as well.

“The bottom line is the same guys that are saying why would you sue the fans are the same guys that are going ‘you should pay the fighters more.’ How do you think this thing works? You think the Fertittas just pull the money out of their bank and pay everybody? No, this is a real business,” explained UFC president Dana White this week.

“There’s this whole generation out there that grew up getting free (stuff) on the Internet. So they think everything on the Internet should be free. That ain’t how it works.

“You steal our (stuff), we’re gonna get you. We may not get you now, or next month, but eventually we will. We’re spending a lot of money towards busting people who steal.”

White had much, much more to say on the subject, check it out in the video below…