UFC Shoots Down Conor McGregor’s ‘I’m Back on UFC 200’ Tweet

April 25, 2016

If nothing else, Conor McGregor certainly knows how to use social media to stir the pot. But following a Monday morning tweet in which McGregor  announced “I am BACK on UFC 200!” the UFC has shot down his assertion as false.

A short time after McGregor’s tweet caught fire, UFC officials told MMAWeekly.com that McGregor’s statement was “not accurate.”

McGregor tweeting, “Happy to announce that I am BACK on UFC 200! Shout out to @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta on getting this one done for the fans. ,” appears to be nothing more than another attempt by the brash Irishman to drum up further fan support for his cause.

Dana White - UFC 196He was yanked from his UFC 200 fight with Nate Diaz after refusing to go on a brief promotional tour and skipping out on filming a UFC 200 commercial.

UFC president Dana White, who is the individual that announced McGregor’s removal, told TMZ on Monday morning, “It’s not true. We haven’t talked to Conor or his manager since the press conference. I don’t know why he would tweet that.”

He added, “All the media keeps asking me that. I feel like the scene in ‘Step Brothers’ when they ask if they can build the bunk beds. I don’t know how many more times I can say the fight is off or how many more press conferences I can have saying the fight is off for people to believe it’s off.”

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So, regardless of what McGregor is saying, UFC officials have dug in their heels. The fight between McGregor and Diaz is not going to happen. At least, it’s not going to happen at UFC 200.

White offered to keep Diaz on the UFC 200 fight card, but in characteristic Diaz fashion, he declined.

Dana White Gets Grilled Over Removing Conor McGregor from UFC 200

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