UFC Releases Full Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero Backstage Argument Video

While the initial video of Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero arguing backstage after their fight at UFC 178 had no audio, the UFC has released full video of the altercation, with sound enabled.

The argument stems from a controversial situation during their fight. Romero was rocked towards the end of the second round, but survived until the end of the round.

In between rounds, as the one-minute rest period came to an end, Romero did not immediately get up off his stool, forcing referee John McCarthy to take charge of the situation and move things along, but not before Romero had roughly an extra half minute to recover before the fight was restarted.

Romero then went on to finish Kennedy in the third round and win the fight, leading to many heated discussions about how the situation played out.

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Kennedy recently told MMAWeekly.com that he was unsure if he and his camp would appeal the outcome of the fight.

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