UFC 57 will take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with the trilogy of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture headlining the show. UFC 57 ticket prices range from $100-$700 making it the most expensive live gate ever. Many fans are looking forward to the fight but the hardcore fans are a little upset about the ticket prices. I go to every UFC, but I won’t be able to afford this one.” Renee Sampson of Wichita Falls, Texas told MMAWeekly.

It appears the ticket hike is just a one-time deal. One UFC spokesperson said, “It’s SuperBowl weekend and this is the biggest fight we can put on. This won’t be the norm.” While the prices may be a bit higher for this one show, the fans are coming in droves to pay for the expensive seats. MMAWeekly.com has learned that the UFC has had record ticket sales for the event.

Over at the Mandalay Bay Ticket office they have sold close to 5,500 tickets already, which is a UFC record. Mandalay Bay sold 4,800 tickets the first couple of days. The UFC has never been more popular than it is now and it appears people don’t have a tough time paying for record prices to watch the third fight between Couture vs Liddell. For the latest rumors on the upcoming UFC 57 card, check out MMAWeekly.com and read the rumors section for the latest rumors about the upcoming show. MMAWeekly.com the industry leader in MMA.