UFC Primetime for Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields Debuts Wednesday

UFC 129 Georges St Pierre vs Jake Shields PosterWe already new it was coming, but Spike TV on Monday officially announced that it would air a “UFC Primetime” series featuring welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Jake Shields, as the two prepare for their showdown at UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields.

One of the most popular fighters in the UFC, St-Pierre has been the subject of “UFC Primetime” a couple of times before.

“Yeah we’re going to do a Primetime on (St-Pierre and Shields),” UFC president Dana White confirmed to MMAWeekly.com following UFC 128. “So everything you didn’t know about Georges St-Pierre from the other 7 Primetimes, you’ll learn in this one.”

“UFC Primetime” is a weekly, three-part series leading up to the fight. The series featuring St-Pierre and Shields premiers Wednesday, April 13 at Midight ET/PT on Spike TV.

UFC 129 takes place on April 30 in Toronto. It marks the promotion’s first stadium-sized event and, already sold out, will mark the highest attendance for a mixed martial arts event in North American history at 55,000.