UFC President Says Tito Ortiz To Face Rogerio Nogueira Next Year

November 12, 2010

Tito Ortiz at UFC 121 Press Conference

Tito Ortiz at UFC 121 Press Conference

Most fighters on a run of 0-4-1 in the UFC don’t expect to return to the Octagon. There are always exceptions to every rule, and it appears that Tito Ortiz is an exception to the rule that you need to win to remain in the Octagon… at least for now.

After a stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, undergoing surgery and recovery, and then returning to the Octagon in a losing performance to Matt Hamill at UFC 121, Ortiz has been giving a reprieve and will fight again for the UFC next year.

UFC president Dana White was asked during a question and answer session on Friday in Germany if rumors were true that Ortiz would face Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in the Octagon. He confirmed the rumor, saying, “Yes, that’s true… in March.”

White didn’t name what event, but it is believed that the promotion will return to the Middle East in March 2011 for UFC 128, that would be a likely target for such a fight.

There is always the possibility of a UFC Fight Night event between UFC 127 on Feb. 27 in Australia and any event in Abu Dhabi, but Ortiz and Nogueira’s contracts are likely too hefty to fit the UFC’s business structure for a Fight Night event.