by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
‘The West Side Strangler,’ Chris Brennan, made comments to MMAWeekly Radio about his negotiations with the Ultimate Fighting Championship regarding a rematch with Joe Stevenson on the April 6, Spike TV event. (To hear Brennan’s statements to MMAWeekly Radio, click on the radio archive).

MMAWeekly’s Jeff Cain contacted UFC president, Dana White, and White responded to Brennan’s handling of the situation with poignant words exclusively on MMAWeekly.com

MMAWeekly: Chris Brennan said some things on our radio show. I don’t know if you heard them or not, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to respond to what he said.

Dana White: What did he say?

MMAWeekly: He said he had a fight with Joe Stevenson lined up for April 6, on Spike TV, but turned it down because the Gracie event offered him five times the amount of money. He said Joe Silva told him he was an idiot for accepting the fight. He also said Joe Silva told him if he took the fight in the Gracie event he was done with the UFC.

White: I think you should call Joe Silva and talk to him about it.

MMAWeekly: I plan to. I thought I would give you the first opportunity to respond.

White: Here is the thing. All I saw was what Chris Brennan wrote on the internet, which I think is chicken shit, and he should have called Joe Silva is what he should have done. At the end of the day, all this stuff is business, and he wants to jump out on the internet and attack a guy like Joe Silva. Joe Silva is a good guy, and Joe Silva loves this sport and loves the guys that fight in it.

He cares a lot about all these fighters. At the end of the day, a guy like Chris Brennan got offered an opportunity to come into the big show and fight Joe Stevenson, a kid who just won ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ And he’s beat him once. First of all, Joe told me. I didn’t know anything about the whole story. Joe told me that Chris Brennan got the contract and didn’t get back to him for a month. A month he sat on the contract. He never got it back to him, and then called him back and said that he was probably going to take this fight instead, the fight over in the Gracie thing, whatever they’ve got going on. So then I’m sure Joe was pretty pissed off that he had planned this fight, and Chris sat on this thing for a month. At the end of the day, and Chris said something like, I’m 34 years old, however old he is, and kind of made it sound like boo-who, I’ve got to do what is right for my family kind of thing.

MMAWeekly: He actually said this is probably the last year that he’d fight because his clothing company is doing really well.

White: His clothing company? What is his clothing company?

MMAWeekly: He has No Gi, not the same company that Vitor sported in the Tito fight. It’s the same name, and they’ve actually sued each other over it.

White: Beautiful. Welcome to my world. I’ve never heard of either one of them, Vitor’s or his. At the end of the day, he’s 34 or however old that he is.

MMAWeekly. He is 34.

White: If you’re a real fighter and you get offered an opportunity to come in and beat a guy like Joe Stevenson. You know what I mean? A huge opportunity. You know what I mean? A huge opportunity. Not to mention the fact that it would be live on Spike TV, and Chris Brennan beat him before. Just because Chris Brennan feels he is washed up and can’t beat Joe Stevenson, would rather go and take a different fight for the money; that is up to him. What he did, that is what is written all over it for me. He doesn’t feel like he can beat Joe Stevenson, and he even said in the thing something like that Joe is bringing me in to lose. Joe Silva doesn’t decide who wins and loses; Chris Brennan and Joe Stevenson do. You know what I mean?

MMAWeekly: Yes.

White: If you believe in yourself, and you believe, you know? Why are you really in this f#%king game unless it’s to win? Are you looking for a few extra paydays? Or are you in this f#%king thing to win, and to be somebody? See, that’s the thing where I completely disconnect with guys. You are either in this thing because you f#%king want it, and you want to be a winner; you want to be a world champion. If you’re in it for any other f#%king reason, go get a real job. Go sell No Gi T-shirts, and that is the decision that he made. But the bottom line is, at the end of the day, I don’t give a f#%k about what people say about me. I don’t care. Believe me. It doesn’t bother me one bit. But for a guy to jump on the internet and air that shit out, and lie about it, and f#%king lie. He lied because he said, I can’t remember what he said about the contract, but it was a lie. He had the contract for a month and never returned the contract. I can’t remember, but there were like ten lies in his whole story. Then Joe Silva called him on it. Joe said, why didn’t you ever call me? My phone broke. I lost my phone. You know? He was never even a man about it. At least be a man about it. Call Joe Silva and talk to him about it. Don’t jump on a f#%king public forum and start smashing Joe Silva and making him look like a bad guy. One of the things I’ll tell you about Joe Silva, Joe Silva is an honest guy who really does care about all these fighters. And it pissed me off.

MMAWeekly: I’m fortunate enough to have met Joe Silva, and he seemed like a stand-up guy.

White: He is a stand-up guy. He’s a nice guy. For Chris Brennan to jump out on a public forum and start bashing him is acting like a pussy, and it pisses me off. You know what I mean? He is sitting there complaining; now I’ll never get in the UFC again, and I’ll never get a free ticket. Dude, shut the f#%k up. What the f#%k kind of crybaby shit is that? Give me a f#%king break. Jumping on a public forum like that, he should be f#%king embarrassed. He should be embarrassed.

MMAWeekly: So you’re saying he lied, and he handled this completely unprofessionally?

White: Completely. And Joe Silva is too good of a guy to jump out there and say something to him. I’m not. I’m not a f#%king nice guy.

MMAWeekly: So you did make that thread on the ‘Underground?’

White: Of course I did.

MMAWeekly: There was some question whether it was you or not.

White: Yea. It’s me. If I were you, I’d call Joe Silva and get the real story.

MMAWeekly: I will.

Dana White: Joe told me the real story today.

MMAWeekly: Dana, we just wanted to give you the opportunity to speak first on the matter. Thank you for the time.

White: All right buddy.

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