In 2001, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta purchased the Ultimate Fighting Championship from SEG. They immediately installed Dana White as president of the struggling company, then on the brink of extinction.


What a different six years makes. Under White’s guidance, the UFC in particular and mixed martial arts in general have catapulted to the top of the sports scene in the United States, if not the world. His leadership has also helped to make the UFC brand one of the hottest properties around. Just witness their dominance of Spike TV, front-page media coverage, live attendance and rising pay-per-view numbers.


White has always run counter-culture to the norm for the president of such a large company. While many executives shy away from the public, White has consistently made himself available to not only industry insiders and the media, but to the fans themselves. And when he does talk, he pulls no punches, as anyone who has witnessed his appearances on The Ultimate Fighter reality series can attest to.


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