UFC Pres Dana White says TUF Hitting Brazil Soon

October 28, 2011

UFC Brazil FlagLike UFC 134 before it, The Ultimate Fighter is headed to Brazil.

UFC president Dana White confirmed on Thursday that the first international TUF is headed to the South American country.

“Yes, it’s true. That’s done,” White told the media after the UFC 137 press conference in Las Vegas.

The show that has seen all 14 of its seasons take place in a Las Vegas house will be hopping on a plane and heading south of the equator some time in the near future. When the show will hit Brazilian shores, however, is still up in the air. White was unable to detail when the show will broadcast, but advised that nearly all is in place to make it happen.

According to the UFC boss, Zuffa CEO Lorenzo Fertitta made a trip out to Brazil last week and finalized the deal that would see the reality show make its first appearance overseas. The deal was done fairly quickly, said White.

When it comes to how the broadcast will be distributed, however, things are still being worked on. the company president said that it will air out of Brazil, but plans are in place to see that one of the Fox cable networks be the home for international versions of the show.

“It’ll be based (and)… air in Brazil,” he said. “The ones from other countries, we’re trying to figure out how we can air them on Fuel (TV).

In addition to TUF, White also confirmed that many other UFC programs will be shown on Fuel TV, including live fights. Essentially, the UFC president made it clear that you’re a UFC fan, you’re going to want Fuel TV.

Although there is currently a carriage dispute between Direct TV and Fox, White was optimistic that things will be worked out between the two. The UFC president didn’t seem too concerned with the possibility that Fox networks can soon go dark on the satellite provider.

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