UFC on Versus 6 Results: Matt Wiman Decisions Mac Danzig in D.C.

In a rematch of Ultimate Fighter veterans “Handsome” Matt Wiman would prove the first fight wasn’t a fluke and defeat Mac Danzig via unanimous decision.

The score cards would all read 29-28 for Wiman in a very entertaining fight.

The first round between the two lightweights was very back and forth.  Danzig was able to get the better of the boxing and land short uppercuts inside, but Wiman would fire back with short powerful elbow strikes and cut open Danzig.  At one point, “Handsome” hurt Danzig with a knee to the body but could not capitalize on the opening.  The round would close with Wiman attempting a takedown against the fence that was thwarted by Danzig.

After the two men were up against the fence in the clinch, Wiman would press the action but then Danzig would score a takedown. Wiman would waste no time once he was on his back and immediately went for an armbar halfway through the round that was defended.  Wiman would then use a guillotine choke and transition back to the feet and Danzig would waste no time landing solid hand combinations but Wiman would press forward and begin to get the better of the striking.

Round three started and Wiman looks to be the more tired of the two men.  Early in the round Wiman brought the action against the fence and started landing multiple elbows and then Danzig was able to break away and land some solid punches on the break.  Wiman goes for a single but Danzig ends up on top and it appears that Wiman’s nose is bloodied, and then Danzig takes his back albeit briefly as Wiman dumps Danzig on his back with under two minutes to go.  There’s a swelling on Mac Danzig’s forehead with a minute left to go and Wiman lands some devastating elbows.  Somehow Danzig found the intestinal fortitude to scramble to his feet and Wiman would press hard for a single leg and get it but Danzig would attempt a guillotine choke to close the round.

After the fight went the distance Wiman was worried about what would happen on the judges score cards, being that he felt he was robbed in his last fight against Denis Siver, but on this night he moved his record to 14-6.

“When I felt like I’d dominate and judges have seen it differently before, I just go out there and try to fight my hardest from start to finish.”

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