UFC on Versus 6 Play-by-Play: Shane Roller vs. TJ Grant

September 30, 2011

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Shane Roller vs. TJ Grant

Round 1:  They touch gloves and the fight is underway.  Grant moves forward but Roller keeps him on the outside with punches.  Roller lands an uppercut and Grant takes him down.  Roller tries to reverse him but Grant maintains top position and advances to side control.  Roller rolls him over and works for a choke but Grant defends.  Grant works his way back to his feet and has Roller on his back.  Grant goes inside Roller’s guard.  Grant lands an elbow and stands over Roller.  Roller lands an upkick and Grant drops down into his guard and moves to side control.  Roller rolls over but Grant still in control.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for Grant.

Round 2:  Roller lets his hands go in the second, winging shots.  Grant ties him up along the cage.  Back and forth for a bit.  They separate.  Roller unleashes big shots that mostly miss and Grant takes him down.  They scramble for position.  Roller reverses him and nearly takes Grant’s back.  Roller works inside Grants guard.  Grant looked for a triangle choke but Roller easily defends.  This round has turned into a grappling clinic.  Grant nearly takes his back and works for an arm bar as the round ends.  Roller could have been saved by the bell there.  Close round.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Roller.

Round 3:  Pace slows a little in the third.  Grant moves forward while Roller circles.  Their punching speed has slowed.  Grant with a solid right hand that cuts Roller’s nose.  Roller shoots for a takedown and Grant spreads his base against the cage.  Roller goes for a single leg and gets it.  Grant applies a guillotine and switches to an arm bar and ends the fight.  Roller did not tap and is upset with the stoppage.  Grant submits Roller.  Official time of the submission was 2:12 of the final round.

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