UFC on Versus 5 Play-by-Play: Karlos Vemola vs. Ronny Markes

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Karlos Vemola vs. Ronny Markes (light heavyweight)

Round 1: The fighters both come out aggressive, ending up in the clinch against the cage. Markes landing a few knees to the legs of Vemola inside the clinch. They separate and Vemola is swinging for the fences with every punch, but Markes steps in and gets the takedown. Markes trying to work for position with Vemola’s back against the cage. Vemola gets up for a second but Markes puts him back down. Markes picks Vemola up and gets a nice slam, but Vemola is still working to get back up. Vemola works his way back up and into the clinch with Markes. Vemola tries for a throw but but gets reversed, and then goes for a guillotine that is very tight, but the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Ronny Markes

Round 2: Vemola comes out swinging again, and then tries for a takedown. Vemola can’t land it and just swings wild at Markes, who swoops under and gets another takedown of his own. Vemola back up and right back down again. Markes backs out and Vemola hops up and tries for a takedown, but can’t get it and the fighters are back in the clinch against the cage. Markes grabs a leg and dumps Vemola on his back. Markes hitting short forearm shots in side control. Markes lands a few elbows to Vemola’s midsection as the round comes to a close.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Ronny Markes

Round 3: Vemola swings crazy punches to begin round 3, but nothing much lands in his fists of fury attack. Markes clinches against the cage and finds a home for his knee in Vemola’s belly. Markes gets his arms under Vemola’s butt and picks him up and puts him back down on the ground. Markes working inside Vemola’s open guard. Markes passes to half guard and then side control. The action slows to a crawl with less than a minute to go. Looks like Markes will get a clean sweep in his UFC debut.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 Ronny Markes

Ronny Markes def. Karlos Vemola by unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards)

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