UFC On Versus 3 Play-by-Play: Rob Kimmons vs. Dongi Yang

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Rob Kimmons vs. Dongi Yang


R1: Yang steps forward after a few brief exchanges and drops Kimmons with a big left. Yang follows him to the mat and gets locked up in Kimmons’ guard. Yang moves to side control and then mount. Yang starts to pound away, Kimmons rolls to his belly, and as he rolls back, Yank locks in a head and arm choke. Yang lets it go and Kimmons is able to get out and almost back to his feet, but Yang takes him down again. Back in the mount again, takes his back, goes for a keylock and then just punches Kimmons in the face. Yang almost gets another keylock but the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores R1 10-8 for Dongi Yang


R2: Yang comes out firing again with Kimmons backing up. Kimmons is able to get Yang to the ground and has him locked up in a headlock, but Yang gets out and is now in side control. Yang pounding away with short elbows to the body. Yang gets Kimmons’ back again and starts hammering away. Kimmons continues to scramble to stay out of trouble, but he’s getting dominated. Kimmons can only play defense, but Yang can’t put him away. The referee has finally seen enough and stops the punishment.

Dongi Yang def. Rob Kimmons by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 4:47, R2