UFC on Versus 3: Bowles Wins with a Mirror Finish

March 3, 2011

Former WEC bantamweight champion Brian Bowles recorded his first win of 2011 with a first round submission victory over Damacio Page.  It was his first win since losing his title to Dominick Cruz due to a broken hand injury.

Page took the fight to Bowles early on with powerful hooks, kicks and a flying knee.  Bowles stayed composed and began to time his punches, throwing body to head combos.  An uppercut rocked Page and the former champion pounced on his downed opponent.  Bowles finished the fight in the same fashion as their first fight with a tight guillotine choke.  The bout was called at the exact same time of 3:30 in the opening round.

“I fought him before, he hits hard.  I know he comes out aggressive, I was kind of expecting that from him.  I was able to use my footwork last time and I tried to do the same this time,” commented Bowles after the fight.

The winning guillotine choke rendered Damacio Page unconscious, forcing the ref to halt the fight.

“That’s my signature move.  I hit it all the time in the gym and I work on it a lot.  He was out for a second.  I didn’t want to keep holding and hurt him.”