UFC On Versus 2 Results & Play-By-Play

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to the Versus network tonight from the San Diego Sports Arena in California and MMAWeekly.com is on location.

Headlined by fast-rising light heavyweight contender Jon Jones and veteran Vladimir Matyushenko, the main card also features a middleweight match up between Mark Munoz and Yushin Okami, welterweight John Howard puts his seven-fight win streak on the line against Jake Ellenberger and Tyson Griffin takes on Japanese superstar Takanori Gomi in lightweight action.

Preliminary action is expected to begin around 6 p.m. PT/3 p.m. EST. Refresh your browser often for the latest results and play-by-play.



-Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

R1 – Referee Herb Dean gives the pre-fight instructions and the main event is on. Matyushenko looking to set up his jabs. Jones with an outside leg kick and then a spinning back kick to the body. Jones gets the fight to the ground. Jones passes into side control after landing a few elbows. Jones gets him in a mounted crucifix position and finishes quickly with repeated elbows.

Jon Jones def. Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO (strikes) at 1:52, R1


-Mark Munoz vs. Yushin Okami

Yushin Okami

Yushin Okami

R1 – Referee “Big” John McCarthy signals for the start of the action. They touch gloves and got to work. Munoz misses with an overhand right. Both being careful. Okami with a right hand. Left hand by Okami as he walks Munoz down. Munoz fires off a head kick that misses. Munoz drops down for a takedown but Okami defends and lets him up. Munoz rushes in with punches and misses with them all. He shoots in for a double leg and gets it. Okami works back to his feet but Munoz has him pressed against the fence. Munoz works for a single leg and Okami peppers the side of his head with short punches. They separate. Munoz They clinch before quickly separating. Munoz throws a missing right hook but connects on the next shot and drops Okami. Okami up to his feet and Munoz gets aggressive sensing a possible finish. Munoz with another right hand and shoots for a takedown. Okami sprawls and peppers Munoz with punches. Munoz gets a takedown as the round ends.

R3 – Okami comes out swinging and Munoz goes for a takedown but Okami fends it off. Okami lands a right hand. Munoz drops for another takedown and again Okami sprawls. Okami and Munoz exchange along the cage. Okami with a solid body shot. Munoz attempts another takedown and Okami again defends it. Okami wiht a right hand on the button as Munoz closed the distance. Munoz hurt and goes for a leg. Okami defends. Okami with a combination. Munoz fires back. Okami with a straight left and Munoz drops down for a takedown and Okami prevents it. Okami landing short punches as Munoz continues to work for the takedown. Will be interesting how this one is scored.

Yushin Okami def. Mark Munoz by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


-John Howard vs. Jake Ellenberger

R1 – Ellenberger pushes forward and eats a counter right hand for his efforts before clinching with Howard. Ellenberger tries to get the fight to the ground but Howard keeps his balance. Ellenberger works knees to the body inside the clinch with Howard pressed against the cage. Referee Herb Dean separates them. Howard lets his hands go but Ellenberger clinches. Ellenberger times a double leg takedown and puts Howard on his back where he works a mix of elbows and punches but nothing too damaging. Herb Dean stands them up. A leg kick by Howard and another while Ellenberger lands a jab. Ellenberger gets a single leg takedown late in the round. MMAWeekly.com scores it 10-9 for Ellenberger.

R2 – Head kick by Howard stuns Ellenberger. Ellenberger fires back get gets clipped with a punch and immediately takes Howard down. Howard had him hurt for a second. Ellenberger in Howard’s half guard. Howard doing a good job of not taking too much damage. Howard looks to secure an arm and Ellenberger lands a couple of hammer fists. Howard unable to get off the bottom and Ellenberger landing soem solid shots on the ground. Howard scrambles to his feet with 90 seconds left. Howard lands a knee and a punch. Ellenberger hurt again but gets the takedown with a minute on the clock. Close round. Howard’s left eye is swollen closed.

R3 – Howard’s eye swollen badly. Howard goes after Ellenberger but doesn’t connect. Howard goes for a single leg takedown but Ellenberger fends it off. Pace has slowed dramatically. Ellenberger takes Howard down. Herb Dean stands them up and has a doctor check Howard’s eye that is swollen over the whole side of his head. The doctor stops the fight.

Jake Ellenberger def. John Howard by TKO at 2:21, R3


-Tyson Griffin vs. Takanori Gomi

R1 – No touch of gloves to kick off the broadcast on Versus. Gomi with a left hand down the middle and a left to the body. Griffin responds with a right hand. They exchange and Gomi connects and Griffin falls flat on his face. He tried to recover but Gomi finishes him.

Takanori Gomi def. Tyson Griffin by KO at 1:04, R1


-Paul Kelly vs. Jacob Volkmann

R1 – Kelly with some quick shots, Volkmann staying very low in his stance. Volkmann delivering inside leg kicks with success as Kelly tries to find his range. Volkmann gets the take down moving to side control. Volkmann with a guillotine attempt but lets it go. Volkmann with a “back of the head” warning from big John. Kelly gives up his back to Volkmann. Kelly seems comfortable for a while but as Volkmann starts to deliver a few punches he spins around and Volkmann takes full mount. Volkmann ties up Kelly’s arm but with only 10 seconds left in the round it is too little too late.

R2 – Kelly kicks early but Volkmann grabs his leg and takes Kelly down. Volkmann takes side control then transitions around and takes Kelly’s back. Volkmann goes for a mounted arm bar as Kelly bucks like a wild bull trying to get free. Volkmann keeps the pace of the fight quick. Kelly gets away and delivers a big elbow to Volkmann’s face. Kelly now on top in full guard half way through the round. Volkmann wraps up Kelly and controls him from the bottom. Both fighters trading places over and over one on top, then the other. Kelly stands and drops in with bombs on Volkmann to end the round.

R3 – The final round starts with both fighters exchanging punches with Volkmann eventually taking Kelly down. Kelly transitions to full mount with Volkmann controlling things from the bottom. Kelly delivering a few elbows but nothing really substantial as they receive a warning from the ref to “get busy.” The fighters are forced to stand by the ref and Volkmann quickly takes Kelly down again. Kelly just throws Volkmann off of him then comes at him with a flying knee that rocks Volkmann to the ground. Volkmann recovers quickly and dominates for the final seconds of the round.

Jacob Volkmann def. Paul Kelly by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).


-DaMarques Johnson vs. Matt Riddle

R1 – The fighters come out starting to feel each other out, Johnson tries to punch Riddle but Riddle blocks it hitting himself in the eye in the process. Riddle asks the ref for a timeout but the referee does not allow it. The fighters clinch up and Riddle ends up with a huge takedown as they go to the ground. Both fighters back up to their feet but Riddle outright pushes Johnson into the cage knocking him to the ground. Riddle gets on top and passes to half guard. Johnson delivers a few elbows from the bottom but Riddle answers back with several ground and pound strikes of his own.

R2 – Riddle aggressive early, dripping with sweat takes Johnson to the ground again. Riddle in full guard. Johnson trying very hard to make something happen from the ground on his back but cannot do so. Riddle continues to punish Johnson taking a couple upkicks in the process. Riddle now in side control pacing the fight perfectly. Johnson stands now, but still under Riddle’s control. Johnson delivers a huge knee to Riddle but it does not seem to phase him. Riddle, angered at this point scurries around takes Johnson’s back and starts unloading on Johnson. He grounds and pounds him to a referee stoppage for the win.

Matt Riddle def. DaMarques Johnson by TKO (strikes) at 4:29 R2.


-James Irvin vs. Igor Pokrajac

R1 – The bout starts as Pokrajac clinches Irvin up against the cage. Pokrajac takes Irvin down as Irvin delivers some elbow blows from the bottom on the way down. Irvin now on top delivering some powerful ground and pound. Pokrajac works his way free and rushes into Irvin stunning him with some quick standing punches, Pokrajac grabs Irvin taking him to the ground with ease getting him in side control. Pokrajac takes Irvin’s back quickly delivering the Rear Naked Choke as Irvin taps.

Igor Pokrajac def. James Irvin by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:29 R1.


-Brian Stann vs. Mike Massenzio

Brian Stann at UFC on Versus 2

Brian Stann

R1 – The Marine starts off with a leg kick or two but Massenzio rushes in to take Stann down. They quickly end up back up on their feet. Massenzio quickly takes Stann down again. As Stann tries to get up Massenzio gets Stann in a Guillotine choke but can’t hold it as Stann breaks free. Stann now in full guard delivering blows to Massenzio’s head and body. The fighters eventually end up back on their
feet. It does not last long as Massenzio rushes Stann taking him to the ground and then taking his back with 20 seconds left in the round, the round ends.

R2 – Massenzio clinches with Stann up against the fence. Massenzio takes Stann around the waist and ends up finishing the takedown. Massenzio now on top as Stann defends himself with posture control. Massenzio on his feet now diving back onto Stann looking for a Guillotine hold but it slips away. Stann on top in half guard moves to full guard. Stann delivers some huge shots into the face of Massenzio. Stann working the body of Massenzio with some big shots to end the round with Stann in solid control of round 2.

R3 – The final 5 minutes of the bout begin to tick away as Stann delivers a huge right to Massenzio’s temple. Stann then rushes in trying to take Massenzio down. Massenzio makes a transition to a great triangle hold on Stann from the bottom but cannot convert. The fighters stand then Stann delivers a damaging blow to Massenzio, noticeably dazing him but he recovers quickly taking Stann to the ground. Stann on the bottom gets Massenzio in a triangle it looks weak at first but it locks in and Massenzio taps.

Brian Stann def. Mike Massenzio by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:10 R3.


-Darren Elkins vs. Charles Oliveira

R1 – Elkins grabs Oliveira’s kick and takes Oliveira to the ground. Oliveira from the ground gets Elkins in a quick triangle as Elkins taps to end the bout with incredible speed!

Charles Oliveira def. Darren Elkins by Submission (Triangle choke) at 0:41 R1.


-Rob Kimmons vs. Steve Steinbeiss

R1 – Kimmons exchanging early, Kimmons closes the distance and puts Steinbeiss up against the cage. Steinbeiss turns it around and has Kimmons up against the cage giving Kimmons knee after knee to his inner thigh. Steinbeiss giving the same knee to Kimmons liver repeatedly obviously affecting Kimmons now. Steinbeiss continues to punish Kimmons to the liver with knees with absolutely no defense from Kimmons. Kimmons finally breaks free exchanging punches as they separate. Kimmons trying to take Steinbeiss to the ground to no avail. Steinbeiss locks Kimmons up against the cage again to finish the round with more knees to Kimmons liver area.

R2 – Kimmons immediately rushes in with a takedown attempt but Steinbeiss fends him off. Steinbeiss turns Kimmons around getting him up against the cage again delivering more knees to Kimmons. Kimmons squirms away and takes Steinbeiss down to full guard. Kimmons gets Steinbeiss into a choke but can’t hold it. Steinbeiss gets free and delivers a fantastic head kick to Kimmons dome. Steinbeiss clinches again pinning Kimmons up against the cage delivering the same kicks to the liver of Kimmons. Kimmons then swings around lifting Steinbeiss into the air and slamming him to the ground. Kimmons quickly get into half guard and delivers elbows but time is quickly fading away on round 2 as the horn sounds.

R3 – The final round starts quickly as the fighters exchange a few punches and leg kicks but nothing substantial. Kimmons grabs Steinbeiss’ leg kick and takes Steinbeiss up against the fence. The referee then separates them. Steinbeiss quickly rushes Kimmons and gets a standing arm triangle but it does not last. Kimmons tries for a guillotine but can’t hold it. Kimmons noticeably tired clinching Steinbeiss but nothing happening. Referee separates them once again. Kimmons gets Steinbeiss in a quick clinch trying for any hold he can get locking Steinbeiss up in a choke but time runs out to end the round.

-Rob Kimmons def. Steve Steinbeiss by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



Main Bouts (On Versus):
-Jon Jones def. Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO (strikes) at 1:52, R1
-Yushin Okami def. Mark Munoz by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
-Jake Ellenberger def. John Howard by TKO at 2:21, R3
-Takanori Gomi def. Tyson Griffin by KO at 1:04, R1

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Jacob Volkmann def. Paul Kelly by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
-Matt Riddle def. DaMarques Johnson by TKO (strikes) at 4:29 R2.
-Igor Pokrajac def. James Irvin by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:29 R1.
-Brian Stann def. Mike Massenzio by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:10 R3.
-Charles Oliveira def. Darren Elkins by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 0:41 R1.
-Rob Kimmons def. Steve Steinbeiss by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).