UFC on FX Video: Fastest KO Propels Duane Ludwig to Bang with Josh Neer

Duane “Bang” Ludwig had a slow start to his return to the UFC Octagon in January 2010. He lost his first two fights back, the second due to a severe leg injury that put him through months of rehabilitation.

He returned eight months after the injury, however, defeating Nick Osipczak before adding Amir Sadollah to his hit list as well.

What flipped the switch for Ludwig?

Finally being recognized as for the fastest knockout in UFC history, of course. Actually, that’s not true. While it is true that Ludwig is now recognized for having the fastest knockout in the promotion’s history, it wasn’t the impetus for his recent success in the Octagon.

That he credits to returning to the welterweight division, a more natural weight class for him.

“It’s just been a mental shift. Every time I step on the mat, I’m there to get better and not to lose weight,” Bang told MMAWeekly.com reporter Conner Cordova.

Check out Cordova’s one-on-one UFC on FX 1 interview with Duane “Bang” Ludwig, where he talked about his success in the Octagon, recognition for the fastest knockout in UFC history, being immortalized as an action figure, and more…

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