UFC on FX 8 Play-by-Play: Paulo Thiago vs. Michel Prazeres

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08 Thiago

Paulo Thiago vs. Michel Prazeres

Round 1: They touch gloves.  Prazeres lands an outside leg kick.  Thiago lands a kick to the body and Prazeres catches it and drives Thiago to the fence.  Prazeres gets the takedown but Thiago stands.  Prazeres works for the takedown but Thiago reverses him and gains top position.  Prazeres gets to his feet quickly and they battle for position inside the clinch.  The referee separates them.  Thiago measures his distance by pawing with his left hand.  Prazeres switches stances and delivers a hard kick to the body.  Thiago answers with a right hand.  Prazeres continues to work the legs of Thiago.  Thiago steps in with a right hand followed by an outside leg kick.  Thiago presses forward while Prazeres circles on the outside.  Thiago misses with a right hand and Prazeres ties him up and presses him against the fence.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Prazeres.

Round 2: They meet in the center of the cage.  Prazeres delivers a powerful inside leg kick.  Thiago lands a left hook.  He rushes in and lands a left hand that staggers Prazeres.  Thiago works inside Prazeres’ half guard after getting the fight to the ground.  Prazeres scrambles and gets back to his feet.  Thiago gets the fight to the ground but Prazeres powers back to his feet and secures a takedown of his own.  Thiago uses the cage to stand and turns Prazeres.  They exchange knees to the body and separate.  Prazeres lands a clean left hook and uses it to get a takedown.  Prazeres works to keep control of Thiago.  Thiago turns the corner and gains top position.  he lands short punches inside of Prazeres’ half guard.  The round ends and it was close.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Thiago.

Round 3: Prazeres lands first in the third with an outside leg kick.  Prazeres fires off a high kick that’s blocked.  Prazeres moves forward and Thiago backs him up with a left hand.  Prazeres lands a right hand on the inside.  Thiago presses Prazeres against the fence and they work for position inside the clinch.  The separate and Prazeres delivers a combination.  Prazeres pressures Thiago and works for a takedown.  Thiago lands short elbows to the side of Prazeres’ head.  The referee separates the fighters.  Prazeres lands a left hand.  Thiago lands a high kick.  Thiago lands a right hand and the two exchange leg kicks.  Thiago presses forward with a combination.  They clinch.  Thiago delivers a knee to the body.  Prazeres presses him against the cage.  Thiago secures a takedown late in the round.  He unleashes punches and advances to side control.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Thiago, but this fight could go either way.

The judges score the fight for Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 29-28.

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