UFC on FX 7 Play-by-Play: Gabe Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell

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Gabe Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1: Rothwell switching stances.  He lands a right hand.  Gonzaga closes the distance and works for a single leg takedown.  Rothwell fights the takedown.  Gonzaga presses him against the cage.  He works hard for the takedown and briefly has it but Rothwell gets back to his feet.  Gonzaga gets the single leg takedown.  Rothwell uses the cage to stand.  Gonzaga still pressing him against the cage.  Gonzaga delivers a knee to the body, and another.  The referee separates the two.  Gonzaga lands a jab and closes the distance.  Gonzaga lands an inside leg kick.  Rothwell lands a short right hand on the inside. Rothwell presses Gonzaga against the fence.  They separate. Gonzaga lands two right hands, and another.  Gonzaga drops down for a takedown but Rothwell sprawls.  Gonzaga lands a knee to the body.  Rothwell lands an uppercut.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gonzaga.

Round 2: Rothwell moves forward.  He gets hit with a right hand.  Gonzaga lands a counter right hand.  Gonzaga lands another right hand.  He’s landing that right hand at will.  He hurts Rothwell.  Gonzaga applies a guillotine choke and drops down to secure it.  Rothwell is forced to tap out.  Gonzaga wins by submission.

The official time of the submission came at 1:01 of the second round.

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