UFC on FX 7 Play-by-Play: Francisco Trinaldo vs. CJ Keith

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Francisco Trinaldo vs. CJ Keith

Round 1: The two fighters touch gloves and UFC on FX 7 is underway.  Keith delivers first with an outside leg kick. Trinaldo moves forwards while Keith works on the outside.  Keith lands a leg kick.  Trinaldo throws an overhand left and clinches.  He presses Keith against the cage and delivers knees to the body and legs.  They work for position along the cage.  Trinaldo elevates Keith and slams him to the canvas. Trinaldo works to advance his position. He lands punches to the body from the half guard position.  Trinaldo moves to the mount.  He postures up and lands punches.  Keith escapes out the back door and gains top position.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Trinaldo isolates an arm.  Keith defends it and Trinaldo scrambles back to his feet.  Keith presses him against the cage before securing a takedown.  Trinaldo lands short elbows inside the half guard of Keith.  Trinaldo lands elbows to the body and postures up and delivers two to the head at the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Trinaldo.

Round 2: They take the center of the cage. Keith inches forward.  Trinaldo fires off a left hand that’s blocked.  They exchange and clinch.  Trinaldo presses Keith to the fence.  Trinaldo gets a body lock and suplexes Keith to the canvas.  He moves to the mount position and applies an arm triangle choke.  It’s tight.  Keith taps out.  Trinaldo wins by submission.

The official time of the submission was 1:50 of the second round.

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