UFC on FX 5 Play-by-Play: Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo

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Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo

Round 1: Johnson lands an outside leg kick to start the round.  Castillo answers with an inside leg kick.  They exchange outside leg kicks.  Castillo moving forward.  Castillo lands a straight right hand that knocks Johnson down. Castillo dives in to finish.  He delivers hammer fist after hammer fist.  Johnson covers.  Castillo advances to the mount position.  Castillo moves to side control to lock in an arm triangle choke.  Johnson defends it.  He gets back to half guard.  Castillo controlling Johnson on the ground.  He lands short right hands.  He presses his forearm into the side of Johnson’s head and neck.  The round ends with Castillo on top.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-8 for Castillo.

Round 2: Johnson lands a leg kick and works his jab.  Johnson has picked up the pace.  He’s throwing first.  He delivers a kick to the body.  Johnson moving in and out.  Castillo moves in with a leg kick and Johnson lands a counter left hand that drops Castillo.  Johnson doesn’t let him recover and finishes with a series of right hands that knock Castillo out.

The offiicial time of the stoppage was 1:06 of the second round.

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