UFC on FX 4 Play-by-Play: Rick Story vs. Brock Jardine

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Rick Story vs. Brock Jardine

Round 1: Both fighters come out swinging for the fences. Story lands first with a kick to the body. Story showing lots of head movement, ducks a punch and then lands hook to the body before defending a Jardine takedown attempt. Story ducks another punch and takes Jardine to the mat, quickly taking his back. Story slides off to side control, Jardin on all fours, and drives in a knee to the ribs, but Jardine remains patient and regains his feet. They go back to the striking game, Story doing a good job cutting off the Octagon, forcing Jardine to go where he wants him to, but he’s not doing too much with it. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Story.

Round 2: They start searching for an opening and just as Jardine gets lulled into trading hands, Story scores another takedown and takes Jardine’s back again. This time, Jardine gets back to his feet rather quickly and they separate. Story is again pressing the pace, being more aggressive with his striking, goes high with a kick and then gets Jardine back down to the mat, once again taking his back. Jardine gets up, but Story maintains his grip from behind, driving knees into the back of Jardine’s legs before they separate. Again, Story is pressing the pace, throwing a mix of punches and kicks at Jardine. Few are landing, but he’s staying much busier than Jardine and getting a shot in here and there. And again Story takes Jardine to the mat, this time landing in his guard, just before the end of the round. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Story.

Round 3: Jardine knows he’s behind and comes out swinging, but Story again puts him on the ground. This time he presses Jardine against the fence and lands a few shots before they work back up to their feet. Story presses Jardine on the fence again and lands a solid body shot before they separate and start trading. Jardine goes for a high kick, but slips. Story just keeps walking Jardine down and using his head movement to avoid most of Jardine’s punches. He walks Jardine to the fence and drops him with some hard punches, attempts a guillotine, but can’t finish it. Jardine is on all fours, Story driving hom eknees to his ribs from the side. They scramble back to their feet and Jardine launches a back kick that lands a little low, pausing the fight briefly. Jardine shoots and Story catches him ties him up, again driving a few shots to the ribs, before they again return to their feet. Jardine steps in for an uppercut, but eats a kick from Story. Jardine drops down, but Story latches on to an arm, both he and Jardine face down on the mat. Jardine defends and slips out, but has no offense to offer before the horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Story.

Rick Story def. Brock Jardine by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) , R3

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