UFC on FX 4 Play-by-Play: Nick Catone vs. Chris Camozzi

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Nick Catone vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1: Camozzi lands an outside leg kick, but Catone fires back with a flurry of punches. Camozzi settles in and goes back to the leg kicks, trying to soften up Catone’s lead leg. Catone shoots, but Camozzie defends. Catone lands a couple good shots as they separate however. Catone lands a big overhand right, but Camozzi comes flying back, literally, with a jumping knee that lands and then presses Catone to the cage. They separate and move back to the center of the Octagon where Camozzi goes back to his leg kicks and jab, but Catone gets inside and lands a solid punch combination, negating Camozzi’s reach. They exchange punches before Catone shoots and uses a single-leg to get Camozzi on the mat, landing in his guard. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Catone.

Round 2: Catone lands an uppercut, but Camozzi fires back with a combination that rocks Catone. He gathers his sense and comes back with another uppercut, but Camozzi lands an outside leg kick to slow him down. They clinch briefly, Catone scoring with a boxing combination on the break. They clinch up again, Catone pressing Camozzi to the fence and landing the occasional knee to the thigh or body. He follows with a body shot and uppercut as they separate. Catone is tenacious in shooting the single-leg and getting the takedown, landing in Camozzi’s butterfly guard. Catone spends the final minute of the round grounding and pounding. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Catone.

Round 3: Camozzi comes out firing, landing a few good punches and follows with a knee to the face, opening up a big cut on Catone. Blood pouring down Catone’s face, he tries to fire back and shoots, but Camozzi sprawls to defend. Camozzi lands a few more shots before the action slows and they call the doctor in to check the cut on Catone and the referee waves off the fight.

Chris Camozzi def. Nick Catone by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) at 1:51, R3

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