UFC on FX 3 Play-by-Play: Henry Martinez vs. Bernardo Magalhaes

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Henry Martinez vs. Bernardo Magalhaes

Round 1:  Magalhaes looks for an early takedown.  Martinez shakes it off.  Martinez moving forward.  They exchange with Magalhaes landing a left hand.  Martinez looking to set up his left hand.  Martinez is pawing with his right hand trying to findhis distance.  Magalhaes looks for a takedown.  Martinez stuffs it but Magalhaes pulls guard.  He quickly isolates a leg.  Martinez gets out of it but Magalhaes used it to get to his feet.  Martinez lands a combination on the inside.  The round ends.  Difficult to score.  Neither landed anything significant.  Martinez presses forward so the judges likely scored it for him.

Round 2: Magalhaes misses with a front kick but followed it up with a right hand.  He looked for a takedown but Martinez has none of it.  Magalhaes lands a right hand.  He’s the quicker of the two and has a reach advantage.  Martinez jumps in with a left hand.  Martinez having issues getting inside.  Magalhaes using good head movement to not take damage.  Magalhaes changes levels and looks to get the fight to the ground.  Martinez defends it.  Magalhaes lands a combination in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Magalhaes.

Round 3:  Martinez’ corner tells him he’s dominating Magalhaes between rounds.  Magalhaes’ corner tells him it’s a boxing match and to win the boxing match.  Magalhaes jumps in with a knee and a front kick.  Martinez lands a shot to the body.  Martinez delivers to outside leg kicks.  Magalhaes is the busier fighter this round.  Martinez has switched to being a counter fighter.  Martinez misses with a punch and Magalhaes ducks under and works for a double leg takedown.  Martinez shakes it off.  Martinez lands a combination with a minute remaining in the fight.  Magalhaes moves in with a flying knee.  Magalhaes works for a single leg and Martinez defends it.  Magalhaes hasn’t gotten a takedown in the fight.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round for Magalhaes.

The judges score it for Martinez by unanimous decision.  The scorecards read: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

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