UFC on FX 2 Results: Constantinos Philippou Opens Main Card With Unanimous Decision

Constantinos Philippou defeated Court McGee by unanimous decision in the opening main card fight on UFC on FX 2 in Australia on Saturday.

Judges saw the contest unanimously in Philippou’s favor with scores of 29-28 across the panel.

The fight started slow with Philippou circling the octagon a lot. His strikes looked like they can do some damage if they landed, but only a few found their marks. He won the opening round after scoring a strong uppercut halfway through the first five minute period.

The second round had Philippou landing more strikes on the feet. McGee attempted several takedowns, but his opponent prevented them all. Philippou’s strikes and takedown defense had him ahead on rounds after two.

McGee was more aggressive in the final round, getting his first takedown of the fight in the final five-minute period. Philippou, however, kept a tough takedown defense thereafter and continued scoring points on the feet.

With the win, Philippou improves to 10-2, 1N.C., and is on a three-fight win streak. In defeat, McGee drops his record to 13-2, sufferign his first loss since debuting in the UFC.

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