UFC on FX 1 Play-by-Play: Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian

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Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian

Round 1: They immediately clinch and start dirty boxing before Easton presses Papazian up against the fence. Papazian lands a couple short elbows as the two continue swapping positions against the cage. They slow along the fence and the referee restarts them. Easton swings, but Papazian lands with the leg kick, chopping at his lead leg. Easton takes the center of the Octagon, but Papazian still lands a couple good hard shots. Neither fighter is doing much damage yet, but Papazian is the busier striker, mixing up knees, kicks and punches. Easton appears to be searching for a big blow to the head. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Papazian.

Round 2: Papazian again opens by mixing his strikes, while Easton does finally work in some leg kicks. Easton also lands a solid left hand. Easton moves in firing punches, but Papazian fires back and mixes in a knee to the body. Easton comes back with a good punch combination that snaps Papazian’s head back before the clinch on the fence. Referee Mario Yamasaki separates them again. Papazian mixes up a swift punch combination from body to head and then skims a turning back kick across Easton’s ribs. They clinch again, but Easton scores the takedown, landing in half guard. Papazian works his way right back to his feet. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Papazian.

Round 3: Both fighters come out slugging, but then end up in a clinch along the cage once again, trading position. Yamasaki again separates them and calls time as Papazian appears to have taken an inadvertent knee to the groin. They start up and Papazian defends Easton’s takedown attempts, but gets cracked with a solid Easton right hand. They start trading body blows, but Easton lands a sharp uppercut. Papazian fires back with a relentless flurry. They clinch up with Papazian winning the dirty boxing and cracking Easton with a right hand. But Easton fires back, before clinching and landing a knee to the body. They separate and East lands a punch-kick combination. Both fighters continue to trade punch after punch, but Easton drops Papazian to one knee with a right hand. He’s right back up, pressing Easton to the cage. They separated with 30 seconds left, once again trading punches. Papazian lands a harsh uppercut and they continue trading to the bell. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 for Easton, but the fight 29-28 for Papazian.

Mike Easton def. Jared Papazian by Majority Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-29), R3

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