UFC on FX 1 Play-by-Play: Jorge Rivera vs. Eric Schafer

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Jorge Rivera vs. Eric Schafer

Round 1: Schafer scores a quick bodylock takedown early on Rivera, immediately working some ground and pound from side mount. He transitions to side control, but Rivera puts him in half guard. Rivera escapes to his feet, but Schafer is pressing him into the fence for a time, then puts Rivera back on the mat. Schafer drops a couple of punches from half guard, but nothing too damaging. They keep fighting for position until Rivera reverses position into Schafer’s full guard. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Schafer.

Round 2: Schafer goes for the takedown again, but this time Rivera fends it off and lands some heavy hands to his face, immediately opening a cut. Schafer starts to cover up while Rivera keeps pounding away until the referee stops the fight. Rivera said prior to the fight that he would retire win or lose, but goes out with an impressive finish.

Jorge Rivera def. Eric Schafer by TKO (Strikes) at 1:31, R2

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