UFC on FX 1 Play-by-Play: Charlie Brenneman vs. Daniel Roberts

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Charlie Brenneman vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1: Brenneman ate a left hand early and the two started to trade punches for a bit before Brenneman got a takedown. Brenneman worked from halfguard, trying to advance position. He worked all the way up into a crucifix, trapping Roberts’ arms and landing punches to the head. Brenneman transitioned to side mount, and worked knees and punches from that position. Brenneman stayed in top position for the remainder of the round, winning it 10-9 on MMAWeekly.com’s scorecard.

Round 2: Roberts got a nice headkick early in the second round and followed that up with an attempted guillotine choke after closing the distance and scrambling. Brenneman got free and worked from halfguard, throwing punches while there. He once again go the crucifix position after advancing position and rained elbows and punches to Roberts’ head. Roberts did well to work his way out of it and pushed Brenneman down to full guard. From there, referee Herd Dean didn’t see enough action in this position and stood the fighters up. Brenneman worked to get a single leg, but Roberts transitioned gain an advantageous position and work for a kimura. Roberts then transitioned to a triangle choke, but the time ran out and the fight went to a third round.

Round 3: Internet issues prevented detailing the third round, but what stood out was Brenneman’s continued control on the ground. Roberts had a tight kimura late in the round, but time ran out before any joint or bones broke.

Brenneman earned the unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.


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