UFC on Fuel TV 9 Play-by-Play: Brad Pickett vs. Mike Easton

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Brad Pickett vs. Mike Easton

Round 1: They exchange leg kicks early.  Pickett steps in with a right hand.  Easton works the legs of Pickett with kicks.  Pickett catches a pick and tosses Easton to the ground but Easton counters and presses Pickett against the cage.  Easton lands right hands to the body of Pickett.  They exchange knees to the body inside the clinch. Pickett delivers two short elbows on the inside.  He turns Easton and they separate.  Pickett lands his jab.  Easton fires back with a combination.  Pickett looks for a takedown but Easton stuffs it. Easton delivers a high kick to the neck of Pickett.  Easton changes levels and drives through with a double leg takedown.  Pickett works his way back to his feet.  They exchange and Pickett drives forward and slams Easton to the canvas.  Easton stands and Pickett has his back.  Pickett drags Easton to the ground as the bell sounds. Close round.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Easton.

Round 2: Pickett moves in and Easton lands a right hand.  Easton clinches, lands a knee and breaks.  They clinch and work dirty boxing.  It’s a high paced fight.  Pickett misses with a big right hand.  They exchange jabs.  Pickett ducks under and gets a takedown but Easton immediately gets back to his feet.  Pickett presses him against the cage.  Pickett slams Easton but Easton bounces right back to his feet.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Pickett steps back and lands an uppercut.  Easton changes levels and takes Pickett down.  Easton moves to half guard.  Pickett tries to get back to his feet and does.  Pickett works for a takedown but Easton shakes it off.  Easton presses Pickett against the fence.  They exchange along the cage.  Pickett gets the better of the exchange.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Pickett.

Round 3: Easton’s corner tells him to throw more kicks.  He listens and lands one to the body.  Pickett lands his jab.  Easton steps in with a knee to the body.  Easton slips a punch and takes Pickett down.  Pickett scrambles and gains top position.  He peppers Easton’s body with short left hands.  Pickett moves to half guard midway through the round.  Easton rolls and tries to stand.  He does and Pickett has his back.  Pickett elevates Easton and slams him to the canvas.  Pickett works for a guillotine but Easton escapes.  Easton stands and Pickett lets go of him.  They exchange jabs. Easton lands a right hand followed by a left.  They stand and trade as time runs out.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Pickett.

The judges score the fight for Pickett by split decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 27-30, and 30-27.

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