UFC on Fuel TV 5 Play-by-Play: Kyle Kingsbury vs. Jimi Manuwa

September 26, 2012

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Kyle Kingsbury vs. Jimi Manuwa

Round 1: Manuwa comes out gunning, but Kingsbury forces him to the mat in the opening seconds, Manuwa sitting up, but Kingsbury in front of him working for a choke. Kingsbury forces Manuwa to his back, keeping the neck tied up. Kingsbury has a D’arce choke on, but can’t seem to get it locked up. Manuwa finally escapes the choke and immediately returns to his feet. Kingsbury shoots, but Manuwa sprawls it out, ties him up and lands a couple knees to the midsection and follows up with a couple punches that rock Kingsbury. He follows with a fight hand that drops Kingsbury, but Manuwa backs off and lets him up. He lands a jumping knee and follows with a loeft hook to the body then a kick to the face and a knee to the face. Kingsbury is fighting off of fumes now. Manuwa remains patient, lands another huge knee and follows with several punches. Kingsbury is staggering all over the Octagon. Manuwa lands a couple more knees and punches and puts Kingsbury on the mat again. But again, makes him return to his feet. Manuwa keeps up his target practice, but somehow Kingsbury manages to survive to the horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-8 for Manuwa.

Round 2: Manuwa tries to get his striking going again, but Kingsbury scores the takedown, landing in Manuwa’s half guard. Manuwa regains his feet, but Kingsbury stays tight, pressing him to the cage, landing a couple knees and some dirty boxing uppercuts and body shots. They separate, Manuwa landing a big right hand and following with a left uppercut. Kingsbury ties him up and presses Manuwa to the fence again, but Manuwa gets some separation and lands several hard knees and a left kick to the face. Kingsbury drops to his knees, Manuwa follows and goes for a Peruvian kneck tie, but can’t secure it. Manuwa tries to stand, but Kingsbury escapes and they start trading again. Manuwa lands two left hooks followed by a big right hook, but Kingsbury again scores a double-leg takedown. Kingsbury in half guard, quickly moves to side control. Kingsbury lands several elbows to the head. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Manuwa.

Kingsbury’s left eye is badly swollen. The doctor comes in to check it and it is swollen shut. Kingsbury can’t see out of it, so they wave off the fight.

Jimi Manuwa def. Kyle Kingsbury by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) at 5:00, R2

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