UFC on Fuel TV 4 Play-by-Play: Rafael Natal vs. Andrew Craig

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Rafael Natal vs. Andrew Craig

Round 1: Both fighters come out swinging and punching, but Natal draws first blood, causing Craig to bleed around the corner of his left eye. Craig starts kicking low and Natal is urging him on, trying to get him to be more aggressive, likely trying to draw Craig into his punching range. Natal is changing levels, switching stances frequently, and lands a solid right hand followed by a grazing left kick to the head. Natal shoots in the waning moments, but Craig defends and lands a leg kick. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Natal.

Round 2: Natal again shifting stances and rocks Craig early with a left hand and then just mobs him with punches, putting him on the mat on three different occasions, but Craig gets up and clinches. Natal breaks free and puts him on the mat with punches again. Craig gets up again, but Natal immediately bull rushes him to the mat, quickly moving to mount, Craig’s back to the fence. Natal attempts and arm-in guillotine, but Craig reverses position and puts Natal up against the cage. Natal scrambles into a kneebar attempt, but Craig defends and escapes and they’re back on their feet. Both fighters throwing punches and kicks, but much slower than earlier in the fight. And out of nowhere, just before the end of the round, Craig launches a perfect high kick to the side of the head that puts Natal down and out.

Andrew Craig def. Rafael Natal by KO (Kick) at 4:52, R2

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