UFC on Fuel TV 4 Play-by-Play: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Anthony Njokuani

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Rafael dos Anjos vs. Anthony Njokuani

Rafael dos Anjos vs Anthony Njokuani at UFC on Fuel TV 4Round 1: Dos Anjos opens with a solid inside leg kick and follows with a solid combination. He then lands a left hand that drops Njokuani. Njokuani pops up and dos Anjos takes him down. He gets up, and dos Anjos puts him down again. But once again, Njokuani is immediately back to his feet. Good opening sequence by dos Anjos, but Njokuani gets right back in the pocket and starts firing punches, getting his jab going. dos Anjos returns fire with a solid leg kick. And another leg kick by dos Anjos, who then follows with some charging punches, not letting Njokuani establish his range as the taller fighter. dos Anjos lands another inside punch combo followed by an inside leg kick and then presses Njokuani to the fence and drives several knees into the thigh of Njokuani. They separate with 30 seconds left, Njokuani landing a leg kick. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Rafael dos Anjos vs Anthony Njokuani at UFC on Fuel TV 4Round 2: Njokuani may have indicated to his corner that he injured his right hand in the first round. His corner told him to use the left more and slap if he has to. They start mixing things up with dos Anjos landing a solid right hand early, while Njokuani is trying to get his left jab going and using more kicks. dos Anjos shoots and takes Njokuani down, but they’re quickly back up, dos Anjos in control with a bodylock along the fence. dos Anjos picks Njokuani up and slams him to the mat, landing in Njokuani’s half guard. Njokuani gets up again, dos Anjos again maintaining the bodylock, kneeing the backs of the thighs. Njokuani breaks the hold briefly, but dos Anjos is right back after him and tosses him to the mat again, once again landing in half guard. dos Anjos tries to lock on a guillotine, but can’t get it before the horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Rafael dos Anjos vs Anthony Njokuani at UFC on Fuel TV 4Round 3: Njokuani ups his kicking frequency again, but eats a solid counter punch from dos Anjos. dos Anjos is still trying to cut off the ring and get inside pressing with his punches and kicks. dos Anjos shoots a single and picks Njokuani up, but Njokuani lands on his feet. dos Anjos shoots again and scores the double-leg takedown, this time planting Njokuani on the mat, going to work from inside the half guard. dos Anjos trying to pass to mount, but still landing some punches and a solid elbow from half guard. Njokuani gets his full guard back with about 30 seconds left, but dos Anjos unloads a solid flurry of ground and pound before they make their way back to their feet. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for dos Anjos.

Rafael dos Anjos def. Anthony Njokuani by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28), R3

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