UFC on Fuel TV 4 Play-by-Play: Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman

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Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman

Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel TV 4Round 1: Weidman quickly shoots and scores a double-leg takedown, immediately transitioning to side control. Munoz gets to all-fours, Weidman maintaining a headlock as Munoz gets up. Weidman drives a couple knees to the face, so Munoz drops down to stop the knees. Weidman is still in control from a front headlock position. He turns Munoz to his back, dropping some short elbows. Munoz turns to his side as Weidman tries to pull out a Kimura. Munoz again turns to all-fours, Weidman maintaining the front headlock. Weidman puts on a guillotine and jumps to mount, but Munoz defends, Weidman maintaining the headlock. Weidman again jumps to the guillotine from mount, but Munoz again defends and they get up to their feet, Weidman with a bodylock on Munoz from behind, up against the fence. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Weidman.

Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel TV 4Round 2: Weidman again shoots and takes Munoz down, rolls over him and lands in side control. Munoz escapes and returns to his feet, immediately swinging away, landing a couple of punches. Weidman lands a straight right and then catches Munoz with an elbow that splits Munoz open, dropping him to the mat. Weidman unloads on Munoz , who appears to be out, but eats numerous punches before the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Chris Weidman def. Mark Munoz by TKO (Strikes) at 1:37, R2

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