UFC on Fuel 2 Results: Not One Punch This Time, Brad Pickett Wins by Submission

April 14, 2012

Brad Pickett at UFC 138Brad Pickett and Damacio Page were both looking to rebound from losses at UFC on Fuel TV 2 on Saturday in Stockholm, but it would be “One Punch” that succeeded in correcting his course.

Everyone expected fireworks from this fight, and fireworks is what everyone got.

Pickett and Page went toe-to-toe from the opening bell and didn’t slow the pace the entire fight. While it looked like Page was gaining the upper hand early in the stand-up, due to a more mixed arsenal of attacks, Pickett didn’t back down.

Once the Brit got his takedowns in order, he basically stayed half a step ahead of Page for the remainder of the fight. Page never backed down, continually going for submissions from his back or quickly returning to his feet, throwing bombs, but every time Page got some momentum going, Pickett would plant him on his back.

In round two, while Page still varied his attack more, Pickett started landing some of the one-punch power he is known for, staggering Page on numerous occasions.

Eating a couple of those punches, on wobbly legs, Page dropped for a takedown, but Pickett sprawled and turned the tables on the way to the mat, taking Page’s back and sinking his hooks in. A short time later, he also sunk a rear naked choke that left Page tapping out.

“It’s MMA, you shouldn’t be in the sport if you’re not well-versed at this level,” Pickett said after the fight when asked about his game plan. “I’m happy to take it wherever it goes.”

Where it goes next is the open-ended question. Pickett righted his ship and will be looking for the next challenge. Page, however, has now lost three consecutive bouts, this being his return after a year out of the Octagon to nurse some injuries. He’ll be wondering if there is another opportunity for him in the UFC, or if he’ll have to go elsewhere and reload.

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