UFC on Fuel 2 Play-by-Play: Brad Pickett vs. Damacio Page

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Brad Pickett vs. Damacio Page

Round 1:  They come out swinging. Page misses with a huge right hand.  Pickett ends up in top position as the fight went to the ground.  Page lands an up kick.  He gets back to his feet.  They’re throwing big shots.  Pickett misses with a right hook and Page ducks under and gets the takedown.  Pickett works his way back to his feet and slams Page to the canvas.  Pickett lands punches.  Page took a few solid punches.  Pickett works short elbows inside of Page’s closed guard.  Page gets back to his feet and they take the center of the Octagon.  Pickett lands a right hand to the body.  Page misses with a flying knee and Pickett takes him down.  Pickett lands a solid right hand as Page worked his way to his feet.  Pickett secures another takedown in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Pickett.

Round 2:  Page comes out aggressive.  He looked for a takedown but Pickett moves away.  Pickett secures a takedown but Page scrambles to his feet.  Pickett lands a left hook that drops Page.  He swoops in and tries to finish with a flurry of strikes.  Page ties him.  Page is bleeding from his nose.  Pickett landing right hands at will form half guard.  Pickett works for a guillotine choke.  Page defends and gains top position.  At the half way mark in the round, Page is in top position.  Pickett scambles to top position.  Page gets to his feet.  Pickett lands a big uppercut.  Page dives for a takedown.  Pickett fends it off and takes Page’s back.  He sinks in both hooks and applies the rear naked choke.  Page is forced to tap out.

The official time of the submission was 4:05 of the second round.

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