UFC on Fox Primetime Special Piggybacks NFL

The first UFC on Fox event is slated for Nov. 12 in Anaheim, Calif., featuring UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez defending his belt against No. 1 contender Junior dos Santos.

UFC president Dana White has made no bones about their new seven-year television deal with the Fox family of networks being a milestone in the promotion’s history.

“The UFC is finally where it belongs on the number one network in the country and aligned with the most prestigious sports properties in the world.  I’ve always said that the UFC will be the biggest sport in the world and with this relationship it will become a reality,” White stated shortly after the deal was announced.

This first event with Fox Sports will be a one-hour telecast of the title fight, a bonus run before the deal officially kicks off in January, but White and other UFC brass isn’t treating it as such. Make no bones about it, UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. dos Santos is the launching pad into a new era for the MMA juggernaut.

As such, the event will kick off with its own one-hour UFC Primetime special on Fox on Sunday, Oct. 30, smack in the middle of Fox Sports’ cornerstone coverage of the NFL.

Typically a three-part series of half-hour episodes leading up to major UFC events, Primetime on Fox will be a single episode promoting Velasquez vs. dos Santos.

The Primetime special on Fox airs at different times depending on your market, so check your local listing for the air time.

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