UFC on Fox Debut Promises ‘a Championship Level Fight’

August 27, 2011

Details on the main event for the first UFC on Fox event in November remain sketchy, but there’s one thing for sure…

It’s going to be a big fight.

With several cards already packed with main events between now and the end of November, it would appear that most of the major names available would be locked up and already signed to fights, but UFC president Dana White is promising a major delivery for the first UFC on Fox event.

While rumors have swirled about a potential title fight between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and current Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson, White won’t commit to anything.

At least until after this weekend’s event in UFC 134 has concluded.

“We’re working on it. We’ll see how things go this weekend, and then we’ll figure out who we’re going to deliver,” White commented when speaking to ESPN 790 in Miami.

The magnitude of the fight is what can’t be questioned.

Whether Anderson Silva is involved or not, White is guaranteeing a major fight for the Fox debut, and doesn’t take the possibility of a title fight away either.

“I want to go out with a big fight. A championship level fight,” said White.

All of the UFC champions are currently tied up with other fights already scheduled, but things can change and anything could be possible for the UFC on Fox event scheduled for Nov. 12 in Anaheim.

For now, White is keeping mum about what’s in the planning until at least after the event in Brazil goes down this weekend.

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