UFC on Fox 7 Play-by-Play: TJ Dillashaw vs. Hugo Viani

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TJ Dillashaw vs. Hugo Viana

Round 1: Dillashaw closes the distance with a jab.  Dillashaw moved in and Viana lands a left hook that knocks Dillashaw down.  Dillashaw secures a takedown and takes Viana’s back.  Viana scrambles out.  They battle for position along the cage.  Dillashaw lands a knee to the body.  They separate.  Dillashaw lands a right hand that wobbles Viana.  Dillashaw lands a left hand.  Dillashaw misses with a high kick.  Dillashaw ducks under a punch and works for a takedown.  Viana shakes it off.  Dillashaw lands a right hand as Viana moved in and knocks Viana down.  Dillashaw swarms with strikes.  He lands a right hand and Viana is back down.  Dillashaw finishes with strikes on the ground.

The official time of the stoppage was 4:22 of the first round.

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