UFC on Fox 7 Play-by-Play: Ramsey Nijem vs. Myles Jury

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06 Nijem

Ramsey Nijem vs. Myles Jury

Round 1: Nijem presses forward and Jury lands a right hand.  Nijem throws a kick to the body.  Jury catches it and takes the fight to the ground.  Nijem scrambles.  Jury uses the cage to get back to his feet.  He drops down for a takedown.  He gets it.  As Nijem tried to stand, Jury takes his back.  Jury lands punches.  He applies a body triangle.  Nijem stands up and shakes Jury off, gaining top position.  Jury works for an arm bar.  Nijem gets out of the submission attempt.  He takes Jury’s back.  Jury turns and gains top position.  He works to take Nijem’s back.  A technical grappling battle is taking place.  Nijem gets up and drags Jury to the ground.  Very close round.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Jury.

Round 2: Nijem misses with a right hand.  Nijem got poked in the eye.  The fight is restarted after he recovers.  Nijem presses forward with a combination that misses.  Nijem rushes in and misses.  Jury times Nijem coming foward and delivers a right hand to the jaw of Nijem that knocked him out.

The official time of the knockout was 1:02 of the second round.

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