UFC on Fox 6 Play-by-Play: Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

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Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

Round 1: Thoresen lands a jab to start the action.  Mitchell moving forward.  He delivers a jab.  Thoresen moves in and delivers a leg kick.  Mitchell works his jab.  Mitchell lands a counter left hand off a leg kick by Thoresen.  They clinch and Mitchell  places an uppercut on the chin of Thorsesen.  Thoresen answers with a stiff jab.  Mitchell lands an overhand right.  Mitchell is winning the exchanges.  As I say that, Thoresen lands a hard right hand.  Thoresen lands an outside leg kick.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Mitchell lands a combination.  Thoresen pushes forward and lands a right hand. They exchange along the cage, both landing power shots.  Mitchell lands a combination that forces Thoresen to back away.  Mitchell delivers a left hook and an uppercut.  Thoresen is bleeding. They clinch and Mitchell delivers shot punches to the body.  Mitchell pushes forward with a combination in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Mitchell.

Round 2: Mitchell lands a stiff jab.  Mitchell is aggressive.  He lands a combination.  They clinch and Mitchell dirty boxes.  They separate.  Mitchell delivers a right hand that hurts Thoresen.  Mitchell presses forward with punches and Thoresen goes to the ground.  Mitchell works to take his back, but Thoresen works back to full guard. Mitchell postures up and lands punches.  Mitchell is beating Thoresen up on the ground.  Mitchell isolates a leg and looks for a submission.  Thoresen gets free and gains top position.  Mitchell works for a gogoplata.  Thoresen defends the submission attempt. Thoresen lands short punches to the body of Mitchell.  Mitchell applies a triangle.  Thoresen rolls and gets free, but the submission set up a sweep and Mitchell is on top.  Mitchell stands and delivers a stomp to the body.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 109 for Mitchell.

Round 3: Officials check Thoresen’s eye between rounds.  The doctor says if the eye gets any worse, the fight needs to be stopped to referee Herb Dean.  Thoresen is allowed to continue.  Mitchell moves forward and lands body shots as he presses Thoresen against the cage.  They work for position before separating.  Tape is cut from Thoresen’s glove and the fight is resumed.  Thoresen lands a big right hand.  Mitchell walks through it and lands a combination.  Thoresen lands another hard right hand.  Thoresen works to isolate an arm.  They go to the ground.  Mitchell obtains top postion and stands and lets Thoresen back to his feet.  Mitchell lands a lead uppercut.  Thoresen delivers a kick to the body.  Mitchell has slowed.  Thoresen lands an outside leg kick.  Mitchell works for a takedown and pulls guard.  He works for a triangle choke.  He delivers hammer fists to Thoresen’s head.  Thoresen rolls and gets free.

David Mitchell def. Simeon Thoresen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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