UFC on Fox 6 Play-by-Play: Mike Stumpf vs. Pascal Krauss

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Mike Stumpf vs. Pascal Krauss

Round 1: Krauss steps in with a jab.  He delivers an inside leg kick.  Stumpf moves in with a jab to the body.  Stumpf delivers a hard outside leg kick.  Krauss answers with one.  They exchange leg kicks.  Krauss moves in with a combination.  Stumpf drops down and secures a takedown.  Stumpf works inside Krauss’ guard.  Krauss pushes him off and gets to his feet.  Krauss lands his jab followed by a right hand and a leg kick.  Stumpf closes the distance and they clinch.  Krauss lands knees to the body.  Stumpf delivers some dirty boxing.  Krauss finding success with his jab.  Krauss turns up the heat.  He lands leg kicks.  He delivers a right hand that knocks Stumpf down.  Stumpf immediately gets to his feet and works for a takedown.  Krauss applies a standing guillotine choke but Stumpf defends it.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Krauss.

Round 2: Krauss lands his jab.  He delivers a hard outside leg kick.  Krauss has found his range.  He lands a combination on the inside.  Krauss delivers a front kick.  Krauss utilizes his jab and leg kicks to keep Stumpf on the outside.  Krauss is picking Stumpf apart.  Krauss continues to work combinations and low kicks.  Krauss gets a takedown but Stumpf gains top position.  Krauss lands shot elbows to the body from the bottom.  Stumpf works to keep Krauss down but Krauss uses the cage to stand.  Krauss presses Stumpf against the fence and works dirty boxing.  Stumpf is bleeding.  Stumpf lands an uppercut that backs Krauss away.  Stumpf moves forward but Krauss ties him up and delivers knees to the body along the cage.  Krauss lands knees from inside the clinch.  Krauss using elbows and knees on the inside to inflict damage.  The separate.  Stumpf lands an inside leg kick in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Krauss.

Round 3: Krauss comes out using his jab.  Krauss lands punches and has Stumpf against the cage.  Krauss continues to batter Stumpf with punches.  They exchange leg kicks.  Krauss presses Stumpf against the cage.  He lands knees to the body and backs away.  Krauss moves forward, landing a combination.  Krauss’ right hand is finding the mark often.  Stumpf looks for a takedown but Krauss shakes it off.  Two minutes remain in the round.  Krauss lands a lead uppercut.  Stumpf answers with a counter and drives forward for a takedown.  Krauss defends but Stumpf pulls guard.  Krauss works inside Stumpf’s open guard.  Krauss works punches to the body.  Stumpf tries to control Krauss’ posture.  Krauss opens up with punches in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Krauss.

The judges score the fight for Krauss by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 30-27.

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