UFC on Fox 5 Play-by-Play: Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez

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Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez

Round 1: Martinez shoots early, but Cruickshank defends well and they’re restarted at center Octagon. Cruickshank lands a few good shots before Martinez once again drops down for a takedown attempt. Cruickshank defends and breaks free. Cruickshank doing a good job getting the better of Martinez with  flurry of punches, kicks and knees, opening a cut on Martinez’s face., apparently on the forehead. Cruickshank lands several kicks to the midsection of Martinez, sending him back against the fence. The ref doesn’t stop it, and Martinez digs deep and starts fighting back, but he’s still somewhat hunched over from the shots to the midsection. Cruickshank again lands with a flurry of punches, kicks and knees that stagger Martinez, but somehow Martinez survives to the horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-8 for Cruickshank

Round 2: Martinez immediately goes right back to the takedown attempt, but Cruickshank separates and unloads a couple brutal punches to the body. Martinez keeps moving forward, trying to find a way to overcome Cruickshank’s firepower, but Cruickshank is giving no quarter. They trade a few shots here and there for a few minutes before Cruickshank unleashes the dynamite, landing a right leg round kick to the head that puts Martinez out cold. Cruickshank doesn’t even follow him down; Martinez is out!

Daron Cruickshank def. Henry Martinez by KO (Head Kick) at 2:57, R2

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