UFC on Fox 5 Play-by-Play: Abel Trujillo vs. Marcus LeVesseur

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Abel Trujillo vs. Marcus LeVesseur

Round 1: LeVesseur immediately shoots for the takedown and starts powering Trujillo around the cage. He gets Trujillo to the mat, but Trujillo quickly regains his feet. LaVesseur stays on him, pinning Trujillo the fence, working for another takedown. Trujillo doing a good job remaining on his feet and driving the occasional knee to the body of LeVesseur. They are separated by the ref, LeVesseur immediately scoring another takedown, but Trujillo again is quickly back to his feet, pinned on the fence. Trujillo lands a few good elbow strikes and knees to the body, punishing LeVesseur for sticking to the takedown program. They separate, LeVesseur moves in again, but Trujillo drops him with a well-timed knee, follows him down and lands several punches to the body before the horn. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Trujillo.

Round 2: LeVesseur rushes in, but Trujillo puts him down again, locks on a choke, twisting it and turning LeVesseur to the mat, but LeVesseur escapes. They regain their feet and LeVesseur lands a big shot, but Trujillo answers with a brutal punch that drops LeVesseur to the mat with what looked like a possible flash KO, LeVesseur waking up as soon as he hit the mat. Trujillo follows him down and gets to LeVesseur’s back, but LeVesseur weathers the attack and regains his feet. They separate, Trujillo staggering LeVesseur again with a diving right hand. LeVesseur drops for another takedown attempt, but Trujillo avoids it, pins LeVesseur to the fence and drives numerous hard knees to the ribs of LeVesseur. Blow after blow after blow, the referee finally stepping in to stop the fight.

Abel Trujillo def. Marcus LeVesseur by TKO (Knees) at 3:56, R2

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